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What does this policy tell you?

What insights does this policy offer?

• Cookie Management: Learn how to handle cookies on through the Consent Preference section.

• Understanding Cookies: Get acquainted with cookies and their functions.

• Our Cookies: Discover the types and purposes of cookies used by

• Third-party Cookies: Understand how cookies from other companies are utilised.

• Browser Cookie Removal: Learn how to delete cookies via your browser.

• Online Behavioural Advertising: Gain insight into the practices of online behavioural advertising.

When engaging with or its partnered content, products, and services, data collection through cookies from your devices may occur. This policy aims to clarify the workings of cookies and their utilisation by us.

Essential cookies are necessary for site functionality are employed without requesting consent (refer to “Our Cookies” below). However, for non-essential cookies, consent is sought.


Access the Consent Preference on to manage cookies. Upon initial visit, app download, or cookie deletion, a Privacy Manager pop-up will appear. Additionally, find the Consent Preference, enabling cookie preference adjustments anytime.

Consent Preference offers comprehensive information on cookie data collection and enables preference management or consent via a cookie manager tool. Tailor your cookie settings.

Review purposes for data processing under the Purposes section in Consent Preference. A complete list of utilised cookies is available in the tool.

Consent Preference allows access to our privacy policy and cookie notice, facilitating preference adjustments as outlined.

Essential cookies are enabled by default to ensure site functionality. However, you can opt to enable or disable other cookies like analytics or advertising cookies. Enabling performance and analytics cookies enhances service delivery.

Cookies Explained

Cookies, small text files stored on your browser, enhance website functionality by retaining visit information for improved user experience. utilises cookies and similar tracking technologies, including those for Travel.Radio.

Our Cookies

Various cookie types are utilised:

  1. Necessary and Essential Cookies: Vital for site operation, facilitating content access and feature utilisation. Disabling may impair site functionality.

  2. Non-essential cookies for Performance Enhancement: Used to gauge site performance and user engagement without personally identifying visitors.

  3. Analytics: Track popular content and user engagement to maintain relevance.

  4. Personalisation and Advertising: Customise content for users across platforms, delivering relevant advertising and measuring effectiveness.

  5. Combination Cookies: Serve essential and non-essential purposes, allowing for tailored user experiences.

How Other Companies' Cookies Are Used With Analytics

Links to other companies’ sites may activate cookies, notifying the site of the referral source. For further details, refer to the respective site’s privacy notice.

Managing Cookies

Use Consent Preference or browser settings to manage cookies. All browsers enable cookie visibility and management, including deletion or preference setting.

Browser-specific instructions for cookie removal are available from Google, Firefox, Windows, and Safari.

Organisations Providing Information on Online Behavioural Advertising

Refer to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), and Digital Advertising Alliance for options to opt-out of behavioural advertising