Not Just Crew was born to Inspire-Encourage-Support 1000s of individuals within the airline industry to support them and given them purpose in what was their darkest time. 

Trevor Jenkins and Simon Costello way back in May 2020 started what was initially a Facebook group to highlight what was special as regards to cabin crew showcasing their skillset and what they could do other than being crew.

So many crews had many other skills in which they had used their skills as cabin crew and transferred this over to other professions ranging from chimney sweeps business owners to rocket scientists. Many others had started their own businesses and they all had stories of inspiration and hope. We interviewed these incredible people every Monday night on a Facebook live and within a short space of time hundreds tuned in to watch the shows and over the course of the months that went by well in excess of 200k hits and views.

We grew to a membership from 30 members in week one to 12,000  present day and counting. NJC also have a following of over 16,000 over our LinkedIn social media platforms and known all around the work with over 100 airlines and countries globally.

 Our message is simple, Inspire-Encourage-Support. We are able to advertise jobs worldwide that we think our members may benefit from and worked to support through our Recruitment Team and VIP corporate Jets who require crew with salaries from 70k. We have successfully supported many businesses in obtaining the staff they need via our membership however I believe our greatest achievement was to support the NHS with over 1000 of our members careers with all the departments the NHS had to offer.

 Of course, this may have only been a temporary stop gap for the members however it proved highly successful and it was what the members needed as they faced what was maybe the most financially testing times of their lives and for all the families involved.

 NJC promote all there is surrounding airlines and aviation and all the aviation brings in every aspect from airports to airlines including ground services.

We have produced shows which promote positive Mental Health and highlighted that anyone who may suffer then to speak out and all the relevant organizations that can support. I personally have suffered in the past I know what its like to suffer and feel lost and what needs to be done to get to the place that you feel safe.

 The list goes on as to what we have achieved and what we continue to focus our business at NJC.

We are radio presenters at www.travel.radio for over 2 years now with a global audience of 200k. Creators of www.thecrewmarket.com in which we promote small businesses and give them a platform to sell all there incredible products. NJC offer the NJC academy www.njcacademy.com which offer courses for personal development and cv writing services and upskilling tools within the private sector. NJC have our own you-tube channel with almost 800 subscribers and growing alongside a network of professionals such as travel blogger Noel Philips whose audience is over 900k subscribers worldwide.

NJC have the vision to work alongside airlines to promote the next generation of aviation loving humans into the airline industry be it cabin crew, pilots, ground staff or any customer service roll within aviation. We showcase the advantages and skills working within aviation brings both on a professional level and the values it installs on a personal one too with our Financial NJC expert Nathan Oxondale who provides tailormade Mortgage advice.

We aim to go into schools, collages, workplaces and explain all the wonders that this industry brings you and how rewarding in the way of positivity and progression. We have lived and breathed this industry for over 25 years and have seen both good and bad and with our experience and knowledge we can work alongside airlines to be the organisation that can carry out this incredible vision. Not many people are aware of how a career in aviation can shape their lives and build the foundation for all that is good and caring and install so much positivity surrounding how we are as people. I know for a fact that it has made me a much kinder and thoughtful person that I am today. NJC want to open that mindset and make people aware of all that in incredible about aviation.

In addition to all this we deliver podcasts and have produced audiobooks for cabin crew author Kaylie Kay with her Osprey series collection which is highly successful.

We have presenters who work with us globally and we are collaborators and supporters of the wonderful charity www.projectwingman.co.uk who help with the NHS to support the staff around the UK.

We offer interview tips and advice and always looking for new opportunities as we grow year on year.

Not just Crew supported with the mental health and the loss of jobs and supported 1000s over this distressing period offering solutions and hope in a time when there was none.

Our website is www.notjustcrew.com so please look at our reviews and testimonials we are keen to grow and take our vision further however I feel we need an airline that shares our values.

Let’s work together and share this next chapter where You have Not Just Crew as your number one support network.

From us all at Not Just Crew

Thank you, Simon Costello and Trevor Jenkins.

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